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Commissioned Work


My passion is to work creatively and to straddle a challenge!

That is why I enjoy offering to produce pieces on commission.

You want to make a spectacular appearance on stage as a musician, or performer, or at a gala, wedding or ball or any other special occasion in your life?

I will conjure you a tailored accessory, which will make you the highlight of the evening and have all eyes on you.

Do you want to be seen and heared and set a statement?

Then attract all the attention you deserve with an unforgettable piece of jewelry that will underline your personality!

Naturally small and simple added requests can be considered at an additional charge.

For example, like when a set includes earrings and a necklace, and you want a extra bracelet to match, or ear clips instead of earrings for pierced ears…..

Just send me an email and I will write up an offer without obligation, after which you can decide at free will. 



Matching bracelet to set “Ray”

Matching bracelet ( custom made product)             EUR   150,-

Custom product surcharge  10%                              EUR   15,


Total                                                                         EUR   165,-

+ 20% Tax                                                                EUR   198,-

shipping                                                                   EUR       5,-


total                                                                          EUR    203,-